Asbestos is, in fact, a collective name for a number of thin-fiber minerals from the silicate class. They form aggregates in nature, consisting of thin flexible fibers. The range of its application is quite wide – from construction to rocket engineering. However, it also happens that asbestos is found in cosmetology, because it is part of the rocks used for talcum powder production. And because of this, large manufacturers of cosmetic products often suffer.

History from the West

Statistics is not the most reliable thing, but if necessary, it is relied upon by many skeptics and those who would like to support their point of view. After all, statistics, if desired, can always be turned in favor of a particular fact. And often from such actions suffer large companies known throughout the world. Recently, the Johnson & Johnson concern has got into an unpleasant situation. According to mass-media, particles of asbestos contained in children’s powder that, in opinion of critics, harmed health of the women actively using production. After all asbestos quite often name a serious carcinogen.

The basis for conclusions about far-fetched charges became research which authors some decades observed health of the women who somehow contacted with asbestos. One of the tasks set before specialists was to find out how much cancer incidence depends on contact with a mineral. During research scientists have analyzed almost 2 million cases of the cancer diseases traditionally associated with influence of asbestos. Women both from villages, and from cities took part in research. And according to data which have been published after, it became clear that asbestos has no connection with disease occurrence.

Results of research testify that indicators of morbidity in rural areas exceed city values more than in half cases during the period from 1973 till 2012. If to take into account that asbestos in the USA actively used in city building, and influence of fibers of this mineral on city dwellers during that period was by an order higher, than in village, the obvious conclusion – connection between a mesothelioma and asbestos simply does not exist.

It is also worth paying attention to another nuance. Many years in courts emphasized that even a small concentration of asbestos can bring harm to human health. And this approach allowed many lawyers and law firms to earn good money. After all they easily found people who somehow contacted with asbestos, and for the big percent helped them to sue for compensation from the large companies-manufacturers. And if at first the defendants were mineral producers, who are somehow or other responsible for safety control in production, then over time on the bench of the defendants began to get representatives of transport companies and even stores.

Baby powders

The situation with powders, experts say, as a certain litmus, when the theory of those who are sure, asbestos is not as terrible as they try to imagine it, is confirmed. Experts believe that the hysteria on a wave of numerous stories about the mineral’s harm and the judges’ loyalty to its opponents caused a large company producing children’s goods to have to pay $4 billion for the suit. At the same time, the plaintiffs claimed to have purchased their baby powder, where traces of asbestos were found online. This was also a matter of doubt.

It is worth paying special attention to the fact that there were already cases when doctors and officials went to prison for falsification of data. One of such Sheldon Silver, who for 21 years held the post of speaker of the New York Assembly. It was also determined that in 50,000 court cases involving asbestos, the same X-ray image was presented as evidence of asbestos guilt in cancer development.

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